Females: interesting ways to look beautiful in your suit

Suits are a work wear staple in the wardrobes of most professional women, either because it’s a required part of your office dress code, or you simply love how you look in one. It can however get boring. Here are nine ways you can put a new spin on your suit game, simply by playing with color, silhouettes and accessories.

Consider other colours aside Black and Navy

Even though you don’t have to wear the rainbow, but adding more colour to your work wardrobe rather than the usual neutral palette is a great way to go. Rich colors like burgundy or olive green is refreshing without being too crazy.

Wear a Printed Shirt Underneath

If you’re wearing this in a work environment, make sure the neck is cut a bit higher or cover up with a brooch. But the general idea is that layering a blazer over a printed blouse makes an otherwise plain gray suit much more fashionable, and modern.

Consider a Looser Silhouette

There’s a time and place for fitted pencil skirts, but how can you say no to an equally delicious wide-leg pant? To avoid entering “kid wearing her dad’s clothes” territory, make sure that, even if roomier, your suits are always tailored to your body , especially the shoulders and the waist.

Dress It Down with a T-Shirt and Sneakers

If silk blouses and heels aren’t really your thing or  you need to travel for work, pair your suit with casual basics like a plain white tee and simple sneakers for some airport chic. There’s something so effortless about this look that makes the whole concept far more approachable.

Don Loafers

This is kind of the women’s look of our dreams. Instead of fighting the masculine connotations of a suit with feminine shoes, embrace the menswear trend and pair it with a cool pair of loafers. The bare sliver of ankle is the icing on the cake.

Or Rock Something Striped Underneath

If you’re like most ladies you already wear striped shirts regularly, so why not wear one under a crisp suit? The resulting look is slightly more casual and really cool.

Mix Feminine and Masculine

This look is proof that you don’t need crazy colors or dramatic details to make a classic suit look perfectly modern. The contrast between the androgynous buttoned-to-the-top shirt and the undeniably feminine pointy-toe pumps is really interesting, and the cross body bag makes it even more so

Wear It With a Skinny Scarf

A super-simple way to jazz up a plain black suit is to wrap a trendy skinny scarf around your neck. Think of this as a more feminine (and chic) version of a guy’s tie.

Or Try Rocking a Bandanna
This might not work at a more strict work environment, but a bandanna is an even more fashion-forward alternative to a skinny scarf, especially in cold weather. Best of all, you can get one for, a few hundred naira.


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