The Media Director of POT OF AFRICA (Favour Ibex) Set to Mark his Birthday

Describing the glorious days of a gem, is never a finished story without excavating some inputs surrounding his formative years. Eze Chijioke Favour is a name that sends a jingle to most individuals and corporate bodies in Nigeria and West Africa at large. The River state born entrepreneur is the first in a family of eight, preceding 2 girls and 5 boys.

His primary education took him to Central School, Igwuruta in Ikwere Local Government area of Rivers State, before cross carpeting to Central School Inyishi, in Ikeduru Local Government Area, Imo State, where he obtained his first school leaving certificate.

He further enrolled into Premier Secondary school, Owerri, Imo State, as a boarding student, consequently coinciding with his parents relocating to Denmark.

In 2007, he attained his WASSCE, instigating his admission into Kwame Nkuruma University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Ghana, where he obtained a Bsc in Computer Science.

Upon his graduation in 2012, he reversed to Nigeria in an attempt to properly enforce a media and publicity company, which was formally established in 2005, during his days in Secondary School. Growing up, Favour has always had interest in computers and electronics, contributing to his vast knowledge in graphic designs and camera handling.

His quest for more knowledge in information technology paraded him at T-technologies Nigeria Limited, where he studied computer networking and programming in various machine languages including, Java, Oracle and many others.

However, in 2005, he partnered with his friend and colleague, Kingsley Orji to conceive and establish a blogging site, with the name POT OF AFRICA. Meanwhile, during his study days in Ghana, he made several tours to various West African Countries making series of rugged researches on the uses of POT in various ethnic African communities. Findings generated from the researches guided him in putting up the article below;

"In Africa, we have so much value for the pot, our gold, our cowry-shells, our sweet smelling oils, honey, edible clay, food items and so on are stored in the typical African earthen ware pot. Often, the cold water of African traditional households are stored and obtained from this pot, which is usually kept in dug cavities of the kitchen floor. The pot has been contrived to serve as a special music instrument called Udu (In Igbo Nigerian language) which belongs to the idiophone family.
Today, however, we are proud to make a dogged exploration of the pot in an African contest, showcasing its various uses and importance in African communities.
Now that the pot is treasure filled, POT OF AFRICA emerges from this metaphor to capture the attention of the world in a transporting mood, which contained the unhealthy impact of post colonialism that diverted our African societies away from this heritage, POT OF AFRICA".

Favour Ibex is idealistic and believes in innovative techniques for the achievement of his objectives, which state his vision of educating and entertaining through news, event-broadcast, documentaries, movies etc, while also advertising goods and services to the world with the objective of promoting companies, businesses, skilled and talented individuals, thus bringing them to limelight. This invariably makes his clients to believe in their worth.

In addition, today, Mr Favour, is a professional web and graphic designer, video and audio editor, director of photography, media consultant and publicist, currently working as a media director in POT OF AFRICA MEDIA AND PUBLICITY COMPANY.

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