"Game Of Thrones" - The Heartbreak As They Plan To Wrap The Show Up. Why???

"Game Of Thrones" - The Heartbreak As They Plan To Wrap Up. Why???

You know over here on Pot Of Africa TV we love to talk about movies and series, YEAH! We're going to have a slight recap on one of our favourite intriguing television series Game Of Thrones as they finally think of wrapping things up. I've always been a fan of TV series after I watched 24 and Prison Break back in the day. They made me hurt my neck so much as I stuck my eyes all day on my TV set whilst starving myself of food and holding onto my pee for much longer as I anticipate the end of every captivating and suspense thrilling moments in the scenes of the series. If I blink I'd miss. 
Game Of Thrones however, is the most popular TV series in the world right now with a season budget that runs into millions of dollars with top notch Cast and Crew and a good story line. It is an interesting story of how enemy Lords of different houses and clans fight over the throne of the Seven kingdoms. I love the plot machinations. But it's a sad thing that the amazing and magical series which is full of bad blood and vengeance is about to come to an end, hard as it is to imagine. 
The challenge is in the storytelling. Show-runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were floating the possibility in an interview with Variety. “I think we’re down to our final 13 episodes after this season. We’re heading into the final lap,”Benioff told them. “That’s the guess, though nothing is yet set in stone, but that’s what we’re looking at.” This isn’t just the show-runners throwing out an idea in the press to see what sticks either. HBO programming president Michael Lombardo confirmed to Variety, “That’s my understanding from them right now. Because where these narratives go, it feels like another two years to them.” That said, the executive who knows as well as anyone that Game of Thrones is the most popular show on the network is optimistic about working out a longer future: “I do believe we will figure this out.” Game of Thrones is massive, incredibly expensive production, it’s one that’s clearly worth it to the network.
George R.R.Martin the story-writer is still planning to release two more books in the series, and given his history of blowing deadlines, the idea of having the series wrap up at the same time as the book series seems long gone. Instead, Benioff and Weiss and the HBO team now have to figure out how to end their own series on their own terms, with Martin’s books possibly coming along later and undoing all of it. (Or, given that we know Benioff and Weiss know how the whole thing ends, just confirming it). 

I've enjoyed a lot of plots in this series and have belonged to a particular camp or team (like Team Jon Snow, Team Margaery, Team Daenerys, Team Khal Droggo, Team Tyrion Lannister and so on). I enjoyed the massed warfare of the Battle Of the Bastards in the last season and how everyone's favourite character Jon Snow survived with the help of his sister and Little finger after waking from his shocking death by some of his fellow men of the Night's watch. Were it possible, Game of Thrones transformed before our eyes into something deeper, darker, and nastier from a simple King of the North, Ned and his family. A terrible beauty was born, and Cersei Lannister was the midwife. She plotted the finger-snap death of Margaery which led to boy king Tommen's suicide (we’re understandably less weepy over) amongst many other vile acts she committed. We've also seen many vilians fall as well. We anticipate the true identity of Jon Snow in the next season as we saw at the last season where Ned Stark collects Baby Jon Snow from his sister Lyanna in Bran's time travel. There are lots of anticipation as to how the curtain would close down on this epic show. The White Walkers have existed since beyond recorded time and it would take dragon fire to end Westeros and the predictable final close-up of Daenerys and her dragons at last en route to Westeros.
Benioff and Weiss have to begin drawing together the many far-flung elements of their show to start setting up a grand finale. Whether or not they get the final 13 episodes they’re angling for or wind up agreeing to two more full seasons—or even five!—it seems we’ll know the date of the end of Game of Thrones fairly soon. At some point everyone is going to run out of energy, or story, and wrap the whole thing up. But are you ready for it to happen soon . . . like only 13 more episodes soon? Well, all good things they say, must surely come to an end. Get your sobbing handkerchiefs close-by if you can't take the emotional shock after investing your energy into it. But there's good news guys. Don't worry, Pot Of Africa TV will always have you covered with lots of entertainment. Cheers!!!


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