MEET ANGRY OWERRI MAN

The world of sketch comedy has started to boom in Nigeria since the youths has found it interesting to hang on the Internet to access information and at the same time have comic relieves. In this vein the introduction of Mr. Ndukwe onyema George aka Angryowerriman a graduate of Marketing from Imo State University Owerri, has gained a phenomenal acceptance by a great audience majorly from the IGBO extraction out of his acting role in Skit videos.

His video about the poor electricity supply in the country has attracted more than 300,000 viewers in the world making his social media pages busy at all times. He stepped up his game by releasing more video which featured artist like Obyno daddy-muna(USA), Saint Gab(Brazil), Mc Okentulu and many more.

His funny concept which entertains through his Owerri dailet agitates for the citizens to have equal rights, good infrastructure and opportunities reserved for the well being of the society but been withheld by crude politicians.

Another great major ideology for this movement is to promote culture and tradition, which has been trapped in the recent years due to Africans wild attention to foreign cultures.

Here are some of his comedy skits;

Proud of MAMA'S.( Happy Mother's Day)


Why did you kill Jesus?

Keep supporting him.

FB: @Angryowerriman
IG: @Angryowerriman
YouTube :@Angryowerriman 
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