It pinches a bit how most movie lovers and media outlets celebrate and glorify most of the famous actors and actresses, who star

regularly in nearly every movie on the screen, consequently directing little or no credit to the incubators of these cinematographic arts.

(CREWS).  Interestingly, most of the individuals who manipulate the behind the scene attributes of most of these popular movies we

celebrate, astonishingly remain unrecognized and non credited at a deserving level.

However, one unique figure, whose contribution to the film world has been immense, yet un-glorified remains the very talented, skilled and

dynamic cinematographer, Mr Justice Ejims, who is dominantly addressed by his look-oriented nickname "OJUKWU". He is already carving a

niche for himself in the industry, as he has handled several hit movies and TV contents. He is a typical integration of talent and skill,

which has aided his ability to interpret most stories through his camera lens.

In addition to his raw knowledge in cinematography, his germination in the field was properly schooled and guided by experienced gaffers

in the game, who influenced both his local and international experience in camera mastering. Most recently, he paraded in India, as one of

the cinematographers who handled a major international hit movie in the country, further stamping his name as one of the very best

cinematographers to emerge from Nigeria. Meanwhile, going by recent reports, Ojukwu is currently executing a refined project, which

according to him, is a project that should continue to encode his name into the Award journal.

Bearing in mind the achievements of most of his works, Mr Ojukwu is indeed a figure worth the glory from the public, and as a result, we

choose to celebrate him alongside his beautiful works. Keep up the good work Mr Justice Ejim (OJUKWU), we love you and anticipate to see

more from you as you contribute to the growth of Nigeria movie industry (Nollywood).

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