The movie project had a story line that involved betrayal of trust, sexual escapades, greed and an eventual discovery of treasure which triggered the excesses of human malevolence until the laws of power were applied to eliminate the relevance of one another thus an application of the Machiavellian law of the survival of the fittest,

However, while the movie project was underway, the appointed Executive Producers succeeded in negotiating for the sum of 5 million naira with a reputable business house. Suddenly the synopses of the movie project broke loose and flooded out into real life, thus submerging the crew of the Movie Project in real time. The news of the 5 million naira deal triggered the betrayal of trust… and even threats to human lives were sustained, until things fell apart and the center could no longer hold.

The truth was that the movie project reflected the crew’s actual characteristics in which each crew member deposited himself in the contrast of THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY.

The director went on his way to have a soiree of sexual paradise with his actor- girl-friend rather openly and this undermined the whole project, as his bad manners and bad attitude contributed to the lack of harmony between the Executive Producers, the entire crew and himself.  Out of frustration the director went all out to extort money from unsuspecting prospective actors, which was uncalled for in the name of a MOVIE ACADEMY.

 The Executive Producers who succeeded in striking a 5 million naira deal  with a reputable company apropos the sponsorship of the movie project, out of greed decided to bring in their own ad hoc movie company to oversee all others or possibly out-Herod Herod,  including the otherwise pitiable director who initiated the Movie Project. And they were all hell bent on the principles of Machiavelli or perhaps a coup de grace.

The Media and Publicity Manager decided to suspend the website and all related social networks of the Movie Project, when he found out that everything had gone messy, and also had nothing to gain from the activity, and for the fact that he had not been paid.

The Movie Project had two script writers. One was a professional and an already published writer, while the other could hardly wield the pen. The unprofessional one was the director’s brother and he had strong misunderstandings with the professional script writer. The unprofessional script writer advocated for a diluted story hypothesis while the professional script writer advocated for the concentrated story theory. The professional script writer however deliberately kept mute when his theory of concentration was nipped in the bud at every stage by the unworthy rival. And this invariably made the Movie Project to advance at a snail speed.

The professional script writer was willing to work even when he was denied acknowledgement from the first printed samples. The unprofessional script writer was more willing to kill characters than he was willing to create them.

However, a journalist who was brought into the Movie Project by the Publicity Manager, went all out on his way to blackmail his good friends – the Publicity Manager, the Production Manager and the Professional Script Writer – by discrediting these people at their backs and joining hands with the movie director to continue the Movie Project using all fraudulent means at their joint disposal. This journalist is currently on the run as his conscience is no longer clear among the crew members. His name is Mmege.

One of the actors, a tall young man, acquired the video trailer of the initial footage in his phone, and succeeded in convincing a Business House to release a sum of one million naira on sponsoring the Movie Project. However this actor liaised with the production-manager-on-shooting schedule to run the deal on their own selfish ends, but the information leaked to the Whole House, The director on learning about this teamed up with them to cover the mess without ado. In fact the director forbade anyone from discussing the matter since this development had come into his custody.

The Production Manager on the Movie Project, who was also a gate crasher in movie management process, decided to HIJACK the whole project in his own imagined powers and manage it to make unseen millions.

Meantime all the viewers that came for auditioning are still watching spellbound, hoping for a miraculous rejuvenation of the Movie Project. However one or two truly benevolent veterans of the movie project have learnt bitter lessons, that “NAIJA NO DE CARRY LAST OOOO whether in good or in bad.”
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