Vybrant Faya Blazing Up Ghanaian Dancehall

Fambily, what's good? I have missed you guys but i'm back, nuff things a gwaan ina Ghana shout out to my Ghanaians worldwide!

So hear wah gwaan ya now, big up to Randy Kofi Daagati. Ghanaian yute doing big tings in Australia, if it wasn't for AfroCarib Radio I wouldn't have been exposed to the diverse, vibrant and talented musicians and artistes in Ghana. Randy big up yuhself everytime!

Now a while back I heard of an artiste named Vybrant Faya, his song Mampi came on and I went crazy! 

Lets be real here people, dancehall isn't what it use to be especially here in Jamaica. I always seek to find new artistes with new vibes and new music to listen and promote.

So it's quite refreshing to have found Emmanuel Kojo Quayson aka Vybrant Faya, he is one a the baddest Dancehall artiste right now ina Ghana no question asked, no chat, no pree #Lololooo. He couldn't have chosen a better name because he sure is vibrant and he is hot! Him a blaze up the charts dem, him a blaze up the airwaves and him a blaze up the vibes and energy getting the girls around the world dancing to hits such as: "Mampi" and "F*** Time" (my two favorites of course!). 

The Mampi General says he's the future of African Dancehall but baby the future is closer than he thinks because I believe he can rise to the top of the game. Yes you read correctly.

He possess the lyrics and drive to do what Kartel did for Jamaican dancehall, yes he has the potential to be the Ghanaian Dancehall Hero.

He is authentic and he connects with his fans especially after that Win a date contest he held for Valentine's Day 2k15, I didn't win because I'm in Jamaica but if I was there you already how the ting set up #Lololooo.

He is a game changer and is he coming to take over. I am eager and excited to hear more from
Vybrant Faya so Ghana, Africa watch out 2015 ago mad. 

One Love, Nuff Love BLESSED LOVE.
Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Jamaica big up yuhself!!!!


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