‘I have signed autographs on many boobs’ – Sir Shina Peters

Veteran Afro Juju maestro, Sir Shina Peters has opened up on some of the very weird things fans have done to him in his career

The 56-year old Ogun State-born musician recently spoke with the SUN newspaper where he revealed the kind of relationship he shares with his numerous fans

In his words: ‘On stage, I do a lot of crazy things so if a male fan appreciates me with crisps naira notes, it is no big deal because I have also done a lot for them. I am very close to my male fans to the extent that we relate as one family. My female fans love me and that does not mean that I take advantage of them. I know that indeed they love me because they have done lots of crazy things to me. They have done a lot of crazy things to me but that does not mean we are bed-mates. Women love me so much because I am an artiste that fights for women’s rights…Hmmm, I have autographed so many boobs’

On how he spends his day, he said ‘That depends on my mood. I don’t do anything special. I may either eat or not. However, I could be going for a show and see a corn seller and ask my driver to park so I could buy and eat. But one important thing I do is that I don’t listen to any music on the day of a show because I don’t want to be influenced by any other music including mine; that helps me to stay focused’

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