Could Princessa (Ekwurekwu 1 of Zanders 105.7fm) Be Pregnant?

A picture of the young talented award winning OAP of Zanders 105.7fm Owerri. leaked early hours of today and she posed like a pregnant woman with her hands on her baby bump. Could this be a funny pix from the beautiful OAP or is this for real?

Effort to reach her on phone was all abortive, sources close to her said she is not expecting any baby as she is just being an comic as she  is. 

But if this story has any atom of truth in it, then we congratulate the award winning OAP of Zanders 105.7fm Owerri  (Ekwurekwu 1 of Africa)  

Let's keep our fingers crossed till she own up to the news... if you have any information about the news to clear our doubts please do drop your comments below.

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