A New Book "Gird Your Mind" By Uchenna Egbuchulam

Egbuchulam Uche was born in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. He attained his primary and secondary school education in Owerri, and in 2012, he travelled to Ukraine, where he is presently studying medicine in Ternopil State Medical University. It was there that he developed a personal relationship with God and a passion for outreach and soul winning.
He was appointed as the evangelism coordinator of the Fellowship of Christian Students, Ternopil City, Ukraine, a nondenominational church of Christian students with a vision to raise a generation of leaders that will transform their world with the gospel of Christ. 
Egbuchulam Uche has always loved writing; he wrote two little books in high school and received an award for the youngest author of the year in Imo State, Nigeria. He is compassionate, caring, and loves service to humanity, an attribute he acquired from both parents. He hopes to become a professional writer, a doctor, an established evangelist, and a senator in his home country, Nigeria, all in a bid to foster his dreams of impacting the lives of as many as he can come in contact with. PURCHASE THIS BOOK ON AMAZON

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There is a saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but the reality of that statement depends on how the youths train themselves and how they choose to live their lives while growing up. The decisions you take as a youth will certainly go a long way in influencing how you end up in the long run. Gird Your Mind is a motivational book directed at teaching youths all over the world the fear of God and the need to serve him in the days of their youth. The author, having associated himself with worldly things in the past, and now under the influence of the Holy Spirit, was able to point out certain things you should avoid and what to do, as a youth, if you want to have the bright future that you desire. Gird Your Mind is a must-read not just for youths but for everyone.

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All successful persons acknowledge God as the reason behind their success. As a youth you have ample opportunities to improve on yourself or create the blissful future that you desire. This book will show you how.
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