MESSY DIVORCE: Chris Oyakhilome Allegedly Sacks Pastor

The divorce saga between Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and wife, Rev Anita is getting messier as the latest reports is that one of the Pastors in the church has been sacked over the bitter feud.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife Anita
According to The Sun’s findings,  Pastor  Chris Oyakhilome has allegedly sacked one of his top pastors, Reverend Grace for allegedly raising a prayer team to pray for the restoration of peace in the Oyakhilomes’ marriage.
Rev. Grace is said to have worked with Rev Anita Oyakhilome at the London branch of the church.
Meanwhile one of the ministers, who spoke with The Sun said: “We suspected this issue is going to go public some day since the day Pastor Chris sacked Rev Grace for meddling in his family affairs by openly calling for prayers among some members in London when Rev Anita stopped coming to the church she was shepherding while all efforts to get her failed. Some us believe our colleague in London did the right thing by seeking spiritual help for the family but I think Pastor Chris misread her intention and had to travel to London when he heard of the move to sack her and contain the spread of rumour among members in London.”
Apart from the sack of the London pastor, another issue connected to the divorce, which has also been generating tension in the church, is the cry of female ministers who are accusing Pastor Chris of introducing “controversial rules that are now threatening the foundation of many marriages in the church.”
A female church member of one of the Christ Embassy branches in Abuja told Saturday Sun that “the revolt of Rev Anita will be a child’s play to the one that people will soon see when we open up on how a secret policy introduced some time early this year has been tearing many families and homes apart in our parishes across the country. This is a strange directive that husbands and their wives must not worship or attend the same parish. Now, if a couple is a member of a parish, one of them has to be posted to another parish and this is fuelling adultery in the church in no small measure. Some of us who are female ministers that have been separated from our husbands, we are already talking. Some have started revolting against the order in their parishes while some have refused to obey such transfer orders.”
Another top female official of the church in one of the parishes located in Ikeja corroborated the story when she told Saturday Sun“The policy is real but it is creating tension in the church already.” The female minister, whose husband has been transferred out of the parish they have been attending together for years to give effect to the policy further, stated: “It’s a heartbreaking development because now we know that that directive was introduced to justify why Pastor Chris has to be in Lagos and his wife in London but beyond that, it is encouraging immorality while the church believes that we have an unusual grace that covers our human failings including adultery.”
Coming down to her personal experience, the female minister disclosed that soon after her husband was transferred to a parish far away from their initial one: “one of the male ministers where I am to stay back started winking at me. The first Sunday I felt he did that unknowingly or without any ulterior motive but the following Sunday he came to shake hands with me after service and what he did was to use one of his fingers to scratch my palm during the handshake. I was miffed but I couldn’t do anything because he will deny and I will look stupid but since then he got my message because I stopped greeting him.”
Meanwhile, on Sunday, August 31, it was reported that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife Rev.Anita’s divorce saga has caused division among church members.
Oyakhilome’s church, Believers Love World Inc popularly known as Christ Embassy is regarded as one of the biggest denominations in Nigeria with membership in thousands and branches all over world.
News of Pastor Chris and wife, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome has been trending on social media.
On August 29, it was reported that Rev. Anita  filed an action at a UK court to end their 20-year-old marriage on the grounds of “adultery” and “unreasonable behaviour”.
Anita Oyakhilome through her lawyers said she is done with Pastor Chris and there’s no hope of reconciliation. However, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who described his wife as a “bitter and angry” woman who is being influenced by bad friends who are out to seek his downfall has threatened to sue journalists for publishing news of their divorce.
Meanhile it was reported that the church removed the every information about Rev. Anita Oyakhilome including her pictures  from its website, www.christembassy. org.

Pastor Chris who is the president of Believers’ Love World Inc, the registered name of the church and Rev.Anita the vice-president are blessed with two teenage daughters, Sharon and Charlyn.

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