Jamaican Opinion on Episode's Nude Pictures

Yes people, this morning I received some INTERESTING pictures in my email.

I read the statement attached and I wholeheartedly support Episode GH aka "DJ BADDY". Selfishly trying to help a nation with his upcoming blood donation exercise.

So I took to social media to see what the fans, the haters, basically what the whole a Ghana was saying.Mixed reviews, many praises and equally a lot of badmind, bias and ignorance scattered among the comments.

Quite frankly what is the problem? Draw chair and come tell me, why people don't like see people rise and why people don't like support others? Mi see Episode grow so much in an year and for him to put himself out there to the benefit of others, what is the problem? The yute want people continue living, continue growing and ya'll trying to stop the yute shine, why? Why people so badmind?

In North America, celebrities has posed nude for several charities. The likes of Khloe Kardashian, Eva Mendes for PETA. They posed nude for a charity geared towards the protection of animals. Posing nude for animals! Adam Levine posed nude showing support for prostate cancer and the list is endless not to mention celebs throwing nude pictures around the internet for no apparent reason but no love for a ghetto yute? Fire a blaze fi unu!

There was a particular comment that stood out that had me shaking my head " this is not Dancehall nor African culture, concentrate on good music." What is Dancehall? Buss gun, kill people, smoke weed and fuck gyal. No! We not hiding anything, we putting it all out there. In a nutshell, Dancehall is about killing people, smoking weed and having the most girls. So what? Because we wasn't photographed doing any of those it's not valid for a Dancehall artiste to show support to those who believed in and supported him? Not African culture? How many African tribes still walk naked in this age? Before the west invaded Africa what were our ancestors wearing? God made us to be naked, if the devil didn't intrude we'd be naked to this day so my question still stands... What is di prablem??????

Listen people unu fi stop it big man ting, it don't look good. Support the movement, support the cause. He put a lot on the line cause him want fi see black people strive, so mek the yute eat a food to. People trust me Episode is a good yute, very humble no matter the success. His fans are like family to him, haters him love unu too.

Wish I could fly to Ghana for his Black Urban Tour this weekend in Kasoa at #TheZone on September 27th. Episode nuh watch nuh face guh through, nuff love from Jamaica! Big up yuhself!! #TUTUTUTUTUTUTU!!!!!!!!

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