Irie-Afro Love, Will I Marry An African?

Wah Gwaan, wetin dey happen? If you don't already know I'm in love with Africa, the rich and vibrant cultures, the pulsating music, the food, I absolutely love it! But how do I feel about dating and potentially marrying an African?
I've always loved a rude boy, a don gorgon, a bad chargie you already know. But I've been shot by love and now mi can't run away... Maybe, maybe not.

Abeg which girl wouldn't wanna hear "You know say money no be problem" or "I don't mind if you chop my money"? I love African men! Chivalrous, hardworking, ambitious are a few words I can use to describe the Africans I've met. Chale! No be small ting oo. Jamaican guys are mad cool but my interest lies in the motherland.

West African culture is very similar to Jamaica's and with Ghana being the closest, they speak patwa I don sabi pidgin na match mek ina Jah heaven?
Mi no know bout nuh baddi else but dis ya empress ago touch down ina Accra hit up Dancestardom, chill with a couple a mi linky dem and see wah gwaan.

Mi nuh know bout any other Jamaican girl but my Afrobeats/Hiplife/Reggae/Dancehall wedding playlist set already. I plan on marching into the church, azontoing into the reception fi buss a one whine and alkayidaing home. I don tell you!
Wetin we go chop? Cultural fusion Jamaican and Ghanaian, chale you no ready oo. Jollof along side rice and peas, chichinga wid likkle jerk chicken pon di side. Already picked out the Kente cloth and I'm coming to Accra to find husband.


I won't rule out any good man no matter the nationality. If he isn't Jamaican he has to keep in mind that I am from a different culture so an introduction to his culture, exposure to the language(s), traditional ways and heritage is a necessity.
Imagine this man come and tells me he wants red-red, all I'd do is sit there and stare at him. I'm not saying I'm not willing to learn to cook traditional meals but don't expect me everyday up in the kitchen making fufu, oto, jollof rice. It's about compromising and him eating some curried chicken, callaloo and yam and banana.
We'd both have to take into consideration the little characteristics that makes up who we are as an individual and learn to love them.

Although our different personalities make us unique the environment we are exposed to influences who we are as a person. Don't assume you know somebody from simply looking and observing, it's even harder dating someone outside of your culture. A popular Jamaican proverb "Si mi and come live wid mi ah two diffarent sinting", "See me and come live with me are two different things". You never know what lies beneath the cover unless you read the book.
I'd definitely marry African, good personality, sharp image, educated. Simple but just enuff fi mek a bad gyal hold on for a lifetime.

One love, nuff love, BLESSED LOVE.


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