Dancehall I Love You But...

You know I keep it 100 right? I appreciate good music, real know raas real and that's why many don't like me but yuh cya quench this!

Dancehall a Jamaica right now in my opinion not going on with a damn thing. Beenie Man and Bounty Killa irrelevant, Ninja man and Shabba old. Tommy Lee a demon, Alkaline a sing bout ass licking and Vybz Kartel locked up. That's why my ears, heart and soul has traveled far to West Africa for a remembrance of my first love.

 Ghana listen to me you see the youth deh named Stonebwoy, Livingstone is a humble youth and him don't have to hype, brag and boast because he knows what the hell he's doing. Accent, style, lyrics, right down to the set up of his videos, you hear? He knows what the hell he's doing. Can't Cool/ Cya Cool nuffi cool ina my opinion because it HOT! The song, the lyrics, the video clean and simple. One time I asked why Stonebwoy got all this hype when he mostly did lifestyle songs, he showed me what it's really about. Being true to yourself, writing about what you know and having people relate to you on a personal level.

Dancehall artistes most of the time are born and raised ghetto youths, stop sing bout gun and violence and try uplift ghetto youths. Show them the way out of the ghetto not a life of crime, have nuff gyal, smoke weed and buss gun. For what? More funerals? When ghetto youths kill off each other who gonna listen your music? Not I, this badman thing played out when most of ya'll have never even held a gun much less fire one. Deceiving people and turning them into fools. Stop imitating what you know nothing about.
The first Ghanaian artiste I grew to appreciate was Samini, what a rasta man neat and clean? Jah know, his songs made sense, his lyrics captivating. We had that audible connection, nuff ratings to him. Image is a big thing as a performer, keep that in mind as an artiste.

Take a page out of people like Sean Paul, Popcaan, Shaggy, Chronixx, Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid. You don't have to be big and bad, you can't puff us down only puffing down yourself. Kartel is my everything, I don't think anybody jumped, whined and shook to his music like me. Nobody can ever replace Vybz Kartel in my heart, but let Addi di Teacha teach you that when you ride that high horse you get a hot drop. Rise fast and fall easy. Too hype and get shamed. Diss nuff people and you will stand alone in the line of fire.

Nuff love and remember what is for we affi we, dutty heart badmind people cya stop wi fyah from burn.
One Love, Nuff Love, BLESSED LOVE.

Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Jamaica big up yuhself!!!!!!!!!!!


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