How Bomb Was Found With a Mmadman in Imo State at Owerri City School

From Favour Ibex Blog & Media reporters On Friday 20/06/2014 at about 08:47am when a madman was seen with bags standing in front of OWERRI CITY SCHOOL, According to the reporter, the madman was making a phone call for a long period of  time which attracted the attention of people around and got everyone scared with the fear of Boko Haram from the last experience of Bomb found in Winners Chapel Church, So they suspected him to b a member of BOKO HARAM. the report got to us (Nigeria Army) by one the senior teachers of the school. while reaching there we found that the madman have already been taking along by d police, while his bags were left there without been searched. immediately the issue was spread  everywhere in town that a BOKO HARAM members came to the school with bombs and detonate some in the school...Which is a false information that was given by an  incompetent press from one of the radio station in IMO STATE, The report got people  scared and attracted the parents of the pupils, rushing to the school to save their children & ward, on reaching there we the soldiers that were deployed in that AOR, we tried to calm the people down by scattering the bags belong to the madman, which they all saw with their eyes that there was nothing like bomb in the bags. After Some Minutes The police came back with the madman and i saw him and interrogated him, yes he is a madman by every thing  he does. And i saw that same madman the previous day very close to the same school. other people living there said confirmed that the madman have been there since January. Do u know that d police took the madman to their station and brought him back without searching him,it was later i searched him and saw dead phone one with two sim cards with him i gave my boys to go and check it. 
That was a report from A reliable source in the Nigeria Amy who in a hurry intervened into the situation with his team deployed in that AOR to rescue the people of Imo which turns out to be just a rumor. Below are the photos and baggage of the madman.

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