Nigerian Soldiers Go On A Killing Spree In Fulani Village Nasarawa

Nigerian Soldiers Kill 30 In Fulani Village In NasarawaResidents of Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State have said that Nigerian military attacked a fulani settlement not far away from their town and killed every Fulani on sight.
The Fulani settlement located only a kilometre away from Keana Town was invaded today in the morning by the soldiers, the residents allege.
The residents allege that most of the dead were over 60 years old and therefore could not run away fast enough from the rampage.
One witness Ibrahim Jalo revealed that he saw up too 24 corpses removed from the Fulani settlements on the road to Giza Town.
He said: “I was on my way to the office when I saw people running and later saw soldiers rushing into the town in convoy asking for the Fulani. I saw over 24 dead bodies of Fulani being taken to Lafia in a white Hilux van,” he said.
Meanwhile Fulani interest group secretary,Muhammed Husseini has alleged that the number of dead where up to 30 and not the alleged 24.
He went further and accussed the FG, saying they are responsible for the killings and revealed that his group will take the FG to court.
He said: “I’m presently in the mortuary receiving corpses. They killed over 30 of our men for no reason. This is genocide and we will approach the International Criminal Court, ICC,” he threatened.
Keana Local Government Area Chairman  Haruna Oshegba, also confirmed the killings and even revealed that about eight bodies were kept at the Specialist Hospital, Lafia.
He said: “There is crisis in my council and it is a military operation but I don’t know the details. I’m trying to piece information together to know exactly what happened,” he said.
Nigerian Soldiers Kill 30 In Fulani Village In Nasarawa
By the time reporters showed up at the hospital, a police Hilux van had about 9 dead people and another pick-up van had a dead female inside.
The Nigerian military had just recently said that they will deploy troops to Nasarawa, Benue, and Kaduna to counter the recent attack by Fulani herdsmen that has killid scores of civilians.
The Nigerian military has yet to claim responsibility for the attacks.

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