Nigeria at risk of Ebola Virus - FG

The Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, has said that Nigeria is now at risk of contacting the deadly Ebola virus which has been spreading across neighboring West African countries in recent times. The virus which first broke out in Guinea in January this year, is said to have no vaccine at the moment and has killed a total of 87 people with 137 cases reported since the outbreak. 
Ghana only recently reported a case of Ebola Virus Disease. Continue...
Facts about Ebola Virus Disease as stated by Wikipidea
-Its a viral disease that has no cure and no vaccine
- Affects mostly Africans
- It kills very fast
-It is transmitted by direct contact with infected blood or body fluid or via reuse of infested hospital injections
-Symptoms of infection includes fever with chills, joint pain, muscle pain, and chest pain,abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, respiratory tract disorder such as sore throat, cough, hiccups, impaired circulatory system symptomology, discharge of blood from nose, vagina, gingiva(gum), rash all over the body.
- It takes 13 days for the symptoms to manifest after contacting the virus.

-Prevention is first by Quarantine, that is, the separation of infected person from the public to forestall the spread of their infected body fluid and blood. Animal products such as meat should be thoroughly cooked before consumption. Constant washing of hands after each activity, avoiding eating of fruits without washing, as well as non consumption of fruits that have been eaten by bats 

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