Jude Okoye defends Lola, Says their issues were never about Lola Omotayo...

Awww, how nice of him

Meanwhile, where did all this I dated Jude Okoye come from? I saw all the comments in the previous post (his engagement) and I was like...what? Lol. I'm sure he's a great guy but nah, not happening. I'm not into celeb men. I'm an Igbo girl, that one na bad market. Hehe. I gossip for a living, imagine if I were dating any Naija celeb guy, I won't be able to write about his colleagues na, they will be reporting me to him everyday. Lol. No, biko, I stay far away from them. I've only met Jude and his brothers twice in my life, briefly, at events.

Plus no sex for this lady anymore until he puts a ring on it. I made that promise a few years ago & I'm sticking to it...until maybe I meet a guy so hot my jaw drops. *wink* For now, I'm fine! Lol

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