Jamaica Robbing Nigeria of Afrobeat?? Did you hear this?? (MUSIC VIDEOS + PICTURES)

So within a couple of hours two major videos dropped, "Personally Cover" by Kalado in Jamaica and "Bum Bum Remix" in Nigeria. I'm sure you've seen "Bum Bum Remix" abeg did u dance? I sure did! Personally is blowing up Jamaica and with the video circulating its surely a GOOD LOOK! However Nigeria isn't ready for these dance moves quite acrobatic and if your body isn't fit you'll be a hot mess on the dance floor. Jamaica has always been known for their, "exotic", "raunchy" and "SEXUAL" dance moves.

My personal opinion on Jamaican Afrobeat? Jamaica has a rich culture and has created genres like Mento, Ska, Rocksteady, Dub, Dancehall and Reggae, Jamaica has really stamped its name on products and sent it to the world. Nigerian Afrobeat, Hiplife music has Jamaican influence behind it and that's why Jamaicans can relate to the amazing West African music.

Question is, are you feeling the connection or should they stick to what they know? Comment and tell me!



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