Soyinka Wants Nigeria To Practise New Democracy

Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka has voted in favour of the parliamentary government as the system of government that will serve Nigerians better than the presidential system the country currently operates.

 * Soyinka wants Nigeria to operate Parliamentary System of Government

Soyinka made this statement during a debate titled: “Will Nigeria be better Served by a parliamentary System of Government?, at the inaugural debate of the St. John’s Forum, held in Lagos on Wednesday.

Other panellists for the debate included former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Odein Ajumogobia, who argued in favour of parliamentary government as well as the Director, Legislative Support Services, National Institute of Legislative Services, Okechukwu Oko, who argued in favour of the presidential system and Associate Professor in African Politics at the University of Oxford, Raufu Mustapha, who was in favour of a hybrid system of monarchy.

While denouncing the cost of running the presidential system of government as presently constituted in the country, which he described as “staggering,” Mr. Soyinka argued that “any system is only as good as the quality of the humanity that runs it.”

He also frowned at the rationale for paying constituency allowances to legislators saying it is alien in a presidential system.

According to him, the economics of both systems of government has to be considered. He said that corruption must to be plugged in any system of government. He however said, “it takes energy and money to check corruption loopholes.”

He concludes by saying that the parliamentary system provides greater opportunities to the people and serves a significantly higher chance of economic success.

Nigeria adopted the parliamentary system at independence in 1960 and up till 1966 when the military truncated democracy via a coup and counter coup.

But democracy was restored in 1979, the country adopted the president system which is in practice till date. But that has been consistent debate over which system is best for the country.

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