Photo: Girl mutilates another girl over love affair with her man

A teenage girl named Funmilola has been arrested by the Nigeria police after she attacked another teenage girl with a sharp object, slashing her neck, after accusing her of dating her boyfriend.

15year old Haliya Odunaya (pictured above), who is a senior secondary student is currently receiving treatment at Stars Clinic on Apapa Road in Ebute Matta after the brutal attack left her fighting for her life.

Her attacker, Funmi, who is said to be a little older that Haliya had warned her to steer clear of 'her man' or prepare to pay for it. On Saturday March 15th, Haliya paid, and paid big time.

After Funmi heard that Haliya and her boyfriend had met up that day, she went to Haliya's house to confront her. And that was where the attack took place. Continue...

Narrating what happened that day with reporters, Haliya denied having an affair the man in question.
“I was coming from where I went to buy something that night when Funmilola met me at the end of the street. She started pushing me and insulting me but I did not utter a word. When I entered our house, she stood outside and was shouting at the top of her voice heaping insults on my parents and I.
“At that stage I decided to respond to her threats and went to meet her to warn her against insulting my mother. After I had told her my mind, I turned to go back into our building and that was when she (Funmilola) dragged me back and produced a sharp object from under her cloths and attacked me with it,” Haliya said
Haliya was left there in the pool of her blood until neighbours rushed her to the hospital. Doctors say she's is lucky to be alive. Meanwhile, the man has since denied dating both young girls.

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