Maiduguri Residence Flee Home For Fear Of Another Boko Haram Attack

Maiduguri residents living around Giwa Barracks have fled their homes following rumours that the Boko Haram terrorists may be coming back to attack the area.
Vigilante groups went looking for suspected militants after the attack on Giwa Barracks, March 14
Vigilante groups went looking for suspected militants after the attack on Giwa Barracks, March 14
Over 350 people including the civilians, soldiers and insurgents were killed in a fierce battle between the sect and Nigerian Amy when Boko Haram attacked Giwa Barracks in Maiduguri on March 14.
Daily Post correspondent, who visited the Borno state's capital on Monday, reports that most of the houses were locked while locals were seen living the area.
"We were told this morning that the Boko Haram members are coming again. We have seen the soldiers on red alert and the civilian JTF carrying all sorts of weapons, you can see them, they are waiting for the Boko Haram to come," a resident who identified himself as Hamisu Audu told DailyPost. "We don’t want to witness the flow of blood as it happened the last time," he added.
According to the man, the residents are not sure "if Borno State is actually safe now even as the election is coming".
A man from security personnel disclosed that the area had been put on red alert since last week following a report that the Boko Haram insurgents were planning another attack.
He said he understood why the civilians were leaving.
"We cannot allow our own families to remain here so, we understand their situation," he said.
He also disclosed that security operatives had been detailed to all the possible routes the insurgents may take.
But he said he was optimistic abut the future as "now that our neigbouring countries, particularly Cameroon have seen reason to wake up and challenge the problem, there is every hope that we are going to put this trouble behind us soon".

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