The 56th Grammy Awards? Beyonce Wannabe Rihanna?

In case you missed it, last night was the 56th Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles. I'm sure you heard about all the wonderful events, from who graced the red carpet to the performances and even who won.

So "THE POWER COUPLE" opened the show, really? Seriously they just came killed it and every other performance after that was just DEAD, who ain't possessed (LORDE) was old and boring. Bey and Jay were the best thing to hit that stage all night. Everything after that was a daze.

Am I the only one really pissed that Fela missed out again, for the forth time. FORTH TIME!!!! Oh well. 

Is it me or is Beyonce acting like Rihanna now a days? If the island chick doesn't act fast she may not have an image anymore. The performance Queen B gave last night I'm sure Rihanna was shaking in her boots cause if Beyonce takes it away from you, darling you're done!

From Crazy in Love to Drunk in Love, Beyonce is 32 a mom and a wife. What is she trying to prove? And to who? While Rihanna stays Pouring it Up with Monsters under her bed, she doesn't realize Bey snatching her fame.

Rihanna make a comeback, drop the bad gyal RiRi stunt comeback renewed, revamped, new music, new look, more dancing and some good videos. We are tired of now a days music training young girls to be strippers and ashawos! Abeg! Stop! 

With all that said I leave you with a Nigerian comedy review of the show's highlights last night. 

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