The Lord’s Chosen Church Functions Normally Despite Shutdown

    The Lord’s Chosen Church Functions Normally Despite ShutdownThe Lord’s Chosen Church continued its normal activities on October 9, 2013, Wednesday, despite its closure by the Lagos State Government. continue after the cut

    It was not clear if the state government had already lifted the order to shut down order the Church due to its poor sanitary condition or not.
    A worker at the Church who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES on conditions of anonymity offered to go and speak with the police officers present at the Church.
    At the nearby police post, a police officer was pointing the way to the Administrator’s building when the worker, who had been frantically making phone calls, came to say that the Church’s administrator, Public Relations Officer, or the Chief Security Officer were unavailable.
    “They are not around. You can go and come back tomorrow. If you can’t come tomorrow, come the day after. No other person is authorized to speak with journalists,” the worker said.
    Activities at the Church’s headquarters during October 9, 2013, Wednesday, betrayed no sign of a premises sealed by a government task force.
    Outside the church, a handful of members danced around a giant loudspeaker belching out a song: ‘Children of God, who are you looking up to? Who will heal your sickness?’
    Over a dozen other members, clutching sleeping mats, hurried towards waiting buses preparing to leave for evangelical duties.
    According to sources of PREMIUM TIMES, Lazarus Muoka, the Church’s General Overseer, is currently outside the country “on a church assignment.”
    The Lord’s Chosen has branches in 75 countries across the world, according to information on its website, including in Venezuela and Vietnam. 

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