Skelewu has been blowing up Nigeria and the world ever since it dropped. Dance competition videos came in from everywhere and the winner won $3000.
With such a huge song and dance craze, you'd expect an awesome video like Gobe had or Dami Duro. While the world waited on the official release of the video, a video leaked on an youtube channel that didn't belong to Davido.

Skelewu official music video dropped directed by Sesan! My opinion? that video was ok. It didn't live up to the hype that surrounded the song and dance but it was a plain ordinary video. Davido unsatisfied with the video was upset at the leak and had it done over by Mr. Moe Musa. Anticipation was high, we waited for this glorious video to drop and it did.... CRAP! You left an original video for LMFAO Party Rock Anthem rip off. You don't believe me? Lets compare the two.

SKELEWU VID #2: Davido wakes up in a hospital.
LMFAO PARTY ROCK ANTHEM: Redfoo and Skyler wakes up in a hospital.

SKELEWU VID #2: Street are lined by newpaper, Davido sees someone dancing and approaches him. This dude is rambling but obviously the song had infected the people around hence he ran away.
LMFAO PARTY ROCK ANTHEM: Streets are lined by newspaper, Redfoo and Skyler sees someone dancing and approaches him. They are taken aside by someone who tell them how infectious their song was.

SKELEWU VID #2:  Davido is attacked by the mob.
LMFAO PARTY ROCK ANTHEM: A guy runs out and is attacked by the mob

Everything else after these scenes is just dancing. However until you can explain to me what the hell Skelewu is, it's just a dance. Why wasn't the dance showed more? Where was the choreography? Where was the WOW? Party Rock anthem had a dance "The Shuffle" everybody was shuffling, that video was fun. The dancers had personality and everyone was in sync and was entertaining.

Skelewu video #2 was a big flop! Musa you did great on Ukwu, this is a disappointment.
Skelewu video #1 6/10
Skelewu video #2 3/10

Too rushed, ripped off concept, no choreography and too much of a "borrowed story-line".

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  1. Serious than u think:
    Listen to FESSOR-Nelson as he lyrically Insulted both SESAN & MUSA.
    Maybe he was fostered by DAVIDO
    Dowbload here:

    1. Fessor-Nelson again? Dat guy is very crazy. Add & see 3267A8C3. Don't tell him u got his pin from an ex gf who still love but hate him. They call me Lucy-fart



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