Spider-Man Wanted By Los Angeles Police For Stealing $6,000 On Hollywood Boulevard

A man dressed as Spider-Man allegedly made off with $6,000 from a tour operator on Hollywood Boulevard, a place known to attract various costumed people who usually pose for pictures in exchange for tips.
As a result, Los Angeles Police officers have been detaining various men dressed as Spidey for questioning. So far, none have been identified as the thief, officer Chris No told the Los Angeles Times.
The suspect reportedly swung into action when he saw an employee of Starline Tours walking away from the company’s Hollywood Blvd. location and helped himself to a paper bag filled with the cash, KTLA-TV reported.
Meanwhile, other people who dress up as superheroes – including Superman, Batman and Catwoman — have promised to keep their eyes out on the Walk of Fame in hopes of capturing the rogue Spider-Man, NBCNewYork.com reported.
This isn’t the first time superhero on Hollywood Blvd. turned out to be a super villain.
In February, 2012, a woman dressed up as Catwoman got into a literal cat fight with an Ozzy Osbourne impersonator. She reportedly pepper sprayed the fake Ozzy and a Jack Sparrow character.
In September 2011, a man dressed asSpongeBob SquarePants was arrested for harassing two women, according to NBC Los Angeles.
The station also reported in 2009 that a Spider-Man impersonator struck a man in the face and arms.

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