Please, God, forgive me —Jilted lover, accused of killing girlfriend, begs

“HELL hath no fury than a woman scorned”is a popular saying, but the incident that happened between two lovers in a town in Ogun State shows that the same expression could apply to a man. This is a story of a jilted lover, who felt that  the best way he could seek revenge was to kill his lover.  
But before the killing, the Romeo made sure that he had sex with his Juliet! The unbelievable but true story happened at Ogijo on Tuesday, April 30 when Aanuoluwapo Akinloye (25) stabbed his girlfriend, Rofiat Akinyemi (21), to death in her father’s house, but not before he had had sex with her.
Akinloye, however said he took the step because of the pain he felt after his lover told him it was over between them and, allegedly, asked him to jump into the lagoon for all she cared. Infuriated by the text message Rofiat, allegedly, sent to him to convey her fellings, Akinloye decided to storm his lover’s home, armed with a knife. Unfortunately, no other member of the household was around, so there was no one to save the girl. She reportedly bled to death as a result of the stab wound she sustained from her lover’s knife.
According to information gathered by Crime Reports, educationally, the two lovers  were not on par. While the girl had concluded her part-time National Diploma, Akinloye,  a bricklayer,  was working as a labourer in a company. Though this did not stop their romance at the initial stage, Akinloye’s educational status later became an issue. It was learnt that  Rofiat’s parents also objected to the relationship.
This, however, did not go down well with Akinloye who, it was learnt, forsook his Christian religion and became Muslim to qualify for a relationship with Rofiat. After the killing, he was arrested on May 2 by the police at Ogijo division, from where he was transferred to the Ogun State police command headquarters at Eleweran, Abeokuta.
Akinloye, who is currently being investigated at the homicide section at the State Criminal Investigation Department , told Crime Reports that he knew he was going to die for the crime he committed, but pleaded for forgiveness from his dead lover and from God.
Giving an insight into his background and narrating the events that led to the killing of Rofiat, Akinloye said: “I am from Osogbo in Osun State but I live at Ogijo, Ogun State. I settled down in the town in 2010 though I once lived there when I was learning bricklaying . My parents are based in Ilesa, Osun State. I am the fifth child of my parents’ eight children. I am 25 years old and a former student of African Grammar School, Ilesa.
“It was my criminal offence that landed me in police custody. I killed my fiancee, Rofiat Akinyemi, a 21-year-old girl. She was a student of LASPOTECH. We started our friendship over a year ago on February 1, 2012. On February 2, she came and enquired about my religion and occupation. I told her I have a Christian background and that I work in a factory. I also informed her of my intention to further my studies. She said if I truly loved her, I should become a Muslim.
“I agreed and she told me the process to go through to became  a Muslim. I performed all the rites. I started following her to the mosque. She took me to some Arabic teachers (Alfa) and I learnt how to offer Muslim prayers. She also told me to be following her to NASFAT and I started doing that.
I even joined the security team of the Muslim organisation. It was there I was re-named Ismail.
“She gave me Muslim rosary too. Some time after, I travelled home to my parents and they were shocked to see me in jalabiya, holding Muslim rosary and prayer book. I told my parents that I had converted because of my fiancee. That was how my parents disowned me and I left the following day instead of spending a week as I intended. I stopped going home.
“As lovers, we had our differences but we used to settle them. About two months ago, her mother called me on my way to the mosque and warned me off her daughter. I kept off her but after two weeks, a friend of mine told me he saw her and gave me her new number. I called her and we settled the rift.
“On April 29, I missed her call, and in annoyance, she sent me series of annoying text messsages, warning me not to call her or come to her house. I had once sent a message to her, appealing that she should not abandon me because I was disowned by my parents because of her, saying that I would commit suicide if she did. In reference to that messge, she said I could die for all she cared, saying that my exit would create more enjoyment for the living, including herself.
“I was so disturbed that I could not concentrate at work the following day, April 30. I went back home to take a knife I kept in my box. I went to her house around 8.30a.m. and met her alone.  I was thinking I could use the knife to frighten her because we used to quarrel like that and settle it. To my surprise, she stood up and started shouting at me, saying she had warned me not to come to her house again.
“She held me and we started struggling in her parents sitting room. I made up my mind to have sex with her and I was able to penetrate her as we were struggling with each other. It was in the process that the knife pierced her throat. Immediately I saw blood, I was afraid, so I drew the knife out and ran away.
“I called my company’s lawyer and told him. I also called my friend, Gbenga, to go to Rofiat’s house and assess the situation. He told me he saw her where she was lay, dead.
“I lost my peace and could not do anything at work until the police came to arrest me. I know that I have sinned agaist God and erred against the law of the land. I know that the law cannot spare me, I know that I will die, but I just pray that God will forgive me. I know I will be hanged but I just pray that God will receive my spirit.”
Crime Reports learnt that it was Rofiat’s mother who first discovered her where she lay half-naked in their sitting room, soaked with blood with a deep gash in her throat. It was reported that the shock had been too much for her and had since been on admission in the hospital.
Reacting to the story, the Police Public Relations Officer in Ogun State, DSP Muyiwa Adejobi, said that the police command condemned the murder, adding that it would do the needful to make sure justice prevails so that it would serve as a deterrent to others.
He stated further: “The police commissioner, Ikemefuna Okoye, also calls on parents to monitor their children and ensure that are of good character within the society.”

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