Manchester United Fans Contribute Money To Buy Back Ronaldo

After a weekend of goodbyes to iconic figures Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul Scholes, Manchester United fans might be saying hello again to Cristiano Ronaldo - if they themselves can find the money.
A small band of Australian-based United supporters have created a website where fans can help raise funds to bring back their old favourite, who has a £100million buyout clause, from Real Madrid.
The 'BringRonaldoHome' movement has already received thousands of pledges to buy a United shirt with Ronaldo on it - however it needs 10 million to donate a tenner for this target to be reached.

But as United have a reported 659m people across the globe, it could be feasible.
Launched three days ago, the viral campaign video has been flooding Twitter and Facebook feeds of football fans around the globe.
A spokesperson for said: 'We have been inspired by the loyalty and dedication of United fans.
'To be a "true" fan requires the "living" experience of football. It is not about being a mere spectator, it is about being a participant. We wanted to give fans an opportunity to be involved.
'The internet is now a significant resource in the world of football. Fans spend increasing amounts of their time on football web sites accessing up-to-the-minute information about events specific to their team and discussing issues on blogs.
'What we have done is develop a construct, based on crowd funding principles, which will tap into this incredible global fan support that Manchester United has - to help deliver the goods - to give the fans an opportunity for their voice to deliver an action.'
Proceeds from the money raised by the provisional shirt sales will be conditionally provided to United - to enable them to use the fan-sourced funds to seal Ronaldo's transfer from Real Madrid.
Should United succeed then each pledger will be sent their Ronaldo shirt.
But should the English champions fail in the novel campaign, the money will be returned.
Fans can donate at

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