Hipingg: A New Social Network Feature to Photos Sharing!

Hipingg Adds New Photo Collage Feature to Photos Sharing!

First off, we have to say that we never expected the overwhelming response that we’ve seen. We went from literally a handful of users to the #1 free photography platform.
Hipingg is an extremely fast and easy way to snap and share photo updates with your smartphone or webcam, the platform provides users with an alternative social networking experience that is authentic and personal. The idea came about during early research how people have fun with pictures on social networks. Building a supplementary social component  was the initial plan, we quickly realized there was a much larger opportunity and demand for a social photo network, the rest is history. Hipingg is a platform that inspires creativity and from day one, we realized that if we were going to do photos, that we’d have to be different and stand out.

Today we are releasing a beta version of the Photo Collage, a layout design made to improve the creativity of our users and give them the ability to share to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, through Emails and SMS. Hipingg is a platform for photographers, artists, creators and designers, giving them the opportunity to explore and experiment with their photos in the photo collage layout and share. It turns out when you make really nice stuff that people love, they will spread it to their friends because they’ll rave about it, they’ll tell people about it. That’s what I think at the end of the day has allowed us to grow quickly, people get really excited about sharing photos and they really get excited about creating collages with them and it’s cool to show your friend you do this thing.

At Hipingg, we have focused on solving three problems. Their solutions were:
-Making photos beautiful
-Sharing on multiple social networks
-Uploading photos quickly
Hipingg is a success because we have been deliberate, thoughtful, and careful in everything we did. Anyone can create collages with photos, but that’s only one aspect of the product. Prudence Okoilu, the Founder and CEO says that, Hipingg isn’t just a photo sharing platform, but a communication platform. You can browse through the latest photos of people whom you follow with updates as people post new photos. Rate photos by clicking the stars on them, share to friends. Or, engage in a conversation around a photo with inline commenting. Browse through pages of the most recent images to keep up on what’s happening with the people you follow in real-time.

We’re still working to improve the service every day. We have some great ideas up our sleeves to make people connected through photo sharing. Plus a mobile version is in its final stage and is yet to be released. The new photo collage feature is one of many ideas the team has been working on and we've started seeing users creating beautiful photo collages already.

Hipingg currently has over 25,000 registered members and is most popular in the Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, United States, and the United Kingdom. (www.hipingg.com)

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