''I Have A Man I'm Engaged To But I Can't Stop Sleeping With My Neighbour''

I let a neighbour use our computer when my partner was at work and it led to us having mind-blowing séx. I’m scared I’m heading into trouble.
I am 31, my fiancé is 32. It’s a good relationship and I love him, but he works shifts and often does overnights at the weekend. I often feel lonely.
I was home alone a few months ago watching TV when my neighbour across the street knocked the door. He said something had gone wrong with his laptop and asked if he could he use our computer as he had important work to do.
I let him in and left him to it for an hour or so. Around 10 pm he came into the lounge, thanked me and kissed me on the cheek. Then he sat down next to me, leaned in and we started kissing softly. It felt so nice and I couldn’t tell him to stop.
Things got a bit more heated and we went up to the bedroom and had séx. I felt so guilty but there is no denying I loved every minute.
It’s turned into regular sessions when my fiancé works evenings. The séx feels really good, probably partly because we know it’s never going to be more than séx. I know the guy over the street just sees this as fun – he’s not looking for anything serious.
In one way I feel cheap. I really love my partner and I don’t want to be caught cheating, but I feel addicted. I know it will all end in tears but how can I stop?

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