Google Snaps Australian Couple ‘Having Séx On Road’

An Australian couple shot to fame on social media Thursday after an image of them having séx by the side of a rural highway made it onto Google Street View, sparking speculation it was a stunt.
The image, which has since been censored by Google, shows the couple bént over the hood of a silver sedan alongside the Dukes Highway outside the town of Keith in South Australia state.
The man has his shórts dówn; the woman appears to be waving to the Street View car as it passes.
A user on the social media site Reddit first posted the image, with Australian news outlets concluding the steamy scene was probably posed.
Another user, benxólogy, claimed the couple was “me and my missús”.
We saw the Google car on the way to Adelaide a couple of years ago. I sped up, overtook the car then posed with a Corona (beer) in hand,” he said.
I pinned the location in Maps to remember where it was to later check but never found it … Hilarious!!”
Source: Vanguard

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