Airline gets fine after holding mid flight bikini show

An airline that tried their hand at holding mid flight bikini shows to attract more customers, was shut out by authorities.

A Vietnamese airline has been fined for allowing bikini beauty pageant contestants to dance on board a plane without permission.

The top state newspaper reported that VietJetAir was fined just over 20 million dong after the incident, which was captured by passengers using mobile phones and then uploaded to YouTube.

Five women, each of whom was a participant in a recent Vietnamese beauty pageant, held a three-minute dance on the walkway, according to the report. The show, was organized by the airline to celebrate its first flight between Ho Chi Minh City and the popular coastal town of Nha Trang.

Trong Nguyen Thang, chief inspector of the country’s civil aviation, said the airline "had violated the local aviation regulations by organizing an unapproved show on a plane." He added that mobile phones were used during the show in flight mode, so that did not represent a security threat.

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