3 Female Students Beheaded And Thrown Out Of Moving Vehicle

Three (3) human bodies were late last night dropped from a Range Rover Sports Jeep.
The said human bodies were all beheaded female bodies with the following identifications sighted in their handbags by spirited Nigerians:
Yetunde Ajao Unilag student. Fair in Complexion.
Damola Esan - Oouite. Tall & Fair in Complexion
The last person has no identity on her but she is short, plump and dark
 I got this pictures from a reliable source and the girls happend to be young university students. pls if Anyone could recognize them on the pictures obove let him or her kindly notify their friends or family members.
The three (3) beheaded bodies are still lying on the road there. The Police we understand have since been contacted
The crime scene is along Ijebu Ode/Ibadan road
It is terrible what this country is turning into and how people go to the extreme to achieve their desires.

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