I Thought She Was An Intruder… I Fired Shots” Read Oscar Pistorius’s Account of the Night he Shot his Girlfriend Dead

Today in a South African Court, Paralympics and Olympics athlete, Oscar Pistorius gave an account of the events that led to the murder of his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day.
Here is the reported text of his affidavit read in the Court as he sought bail after being accused of murdering his girlfriend as reported by CNN.
I am an adult male, SA (South African) citizen and applicant in this application and seek to be released on bail. I make this affidavit of my own free will and have not been influenced. Contents is true and correct.
I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated murder because I had no intention to kill my girlfriend. I have been informed I have been accused of murder – I deny the accusation. Nothing can be further from the truth that I planned the murder of my girlfriend. I have no intention to relocate as I love my country.
I earn R5.6 million ($636,000) a year. I’ve never been convicted of crimes. I deny that I committed murder in the strongest point. Even though I don’t have to, I want to deal with these allegations.
Reeva had bought me a present for Valentine’s Day. We were deeply in love. We were deeply in love and couldn’t be happier. I loved her and I know she felt the same way. On 13 Feb Reeva would have gone out with her friends, me with mine. She wanted to stay at home. I was watching TV. My legs were off. She was doing yoga. At the end of the evening we got into bed. I’m acutely aware of people gaining entries to homes to commit crime, I’ve received death threats. I sleep with my 9mm (gun) under my bed. I woke up to close the sliding door and heard a noise in the bathroom.
I was scared and didn’t switch on the light. I got my gun and moved towards the bathroom. I screamed at the intruder because I did not have my legs on I felt vulnerable. I fired shots through the bathroom door and told Reeva to call police. I walked back to the bed and realized Reeva was not in bed. It’s then it dawned on me it could be her in there. I kicked the door open. Called paramedics and complex security. I tried to carry her down stairs for help. I tried to help her but she died in my arms. I am mortified.
With the benefit of hindsight I realize that Reeva went to the bathroom when I went to close the balcony door. I trust the South African legal system and the facts will show that I did not murder Reeva. I believe the forensic evidence will prove what I am saying. I used a cricket bat to break open toilet door. I am an international sports star, I will not evade my trial.
After the shooting I did not flee the scene. I remained until the police arrived. I don’t know of any witnesses in this matter, and I won’t interfere with any witnesses. My continued incarceration will be of “no benefit” to the state. Release would not disturb the public order.
However, in response to this, Prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the court that Pistorius shot the 29-year-old model four times through the bathroom door of his home and painted a picture of premeditated killing – a crime that carries a life sentence in South Africa.
 reports came in that he told the court that Miss Steenkamp went into the bathroom after the couple had been arguing.
“The applicant armed himself, attached his prosthesis, walked seven metres to the bathroom and shot the deceased while she was in the toilet. He shot four times. There’s no possible explanation to support his report that he thought it was a burglar.
“If I arm myself, walk a distance and murder a person, that is premeditated. The door is closed. There is no doubt. I walk seven metres and I kill.
“The motive is ‘I want to kill’. That’s it’. ‘This deceased was in a 1.4 by 1.14 metre little room. She could go nowhere. It was all part of the preplanning. Why would a burglar lock himself inside the bathroom?
“She locked that door for a purpose. We’ll get to that purpose. That is where she was when those shots were fired. She couldn’t go anywhere. It must have been horrific.”
The Funeral for Miss Steenkamp was held today in Port Elizabeth. May her soul Rest In Peace.

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